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Vehicle Protection Rhino Linings of Salem provides protection for * Truck Bed Liners * Trailers * Service Vehicles * Water Trucks* Rocker Panels * Wheel Wells * Sand Spreaders * Boats * Car Vinyl Top Replacement * Motor Homes * RV Fronts * RV Roofs * Trunks * Battery Trays * Utility Vehicles * Tow Trucks * Bucket Trucks * Motorcycle Fenders * Tool Boxes * Running Boards * All Terrain Vehicles * Golf Carts * Snow Mobiles * Trams* Construction and Landscaping Equipment* Waste Containers * Veterinarian Vehicles * Kennels and much much more!


Containment SolutionsA protective coating from Rhino Linings adds tremendous value and long term protection to an almost unlimited range of commercial and industrial applications. Extremely versatile, Rhino is not a paint-like coating, but a thick polyurethane lining that tenaciously adheres to virtually any surface - steel, aluminum, rubber, fiberglass, wood, and concrete. It can be sprayed to any desired thickness, forming an air/water tight seal resistant to chemicals, corrosion, impact and abrasion. "If it can be painted, we can coat it."