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Marine & RV Applications

Rhino Linings® marine grade coatings, linings, castable resins and specialty foams are formulated to withstand the corrosive salt and fresh water marine environments while protecting from sun damage and color fade. It can be applied to new boats or to crafts that have already that have already been launched. Because it permanently seals out water and inhibits corrosion, its uses are virtually limitless. The textured surface can help reduce slippage on decks, gangways, walkways, and more! The thick, permanent layer of polyurethane works well on either side of popular small aluminum skiffs or runabouts. It can help stop leaks and punctures. Rugged enough for a variety of hard-working applications, Rhino linings performs well in work and storage areas of all sizes. Above or below decks, equipment bolts right back into position after the application of Rhino Linings. Compressing the thick rubber-like surface helps lock the bolts in place while helping to permanently seal out moisture. Not a paint like coating, TuffGrip™ provides a tough industrial-grade protective lining for virtually hundreds of different vehicle and marine applications. Even dock boxes and trailers can take advantage of Rhino Linings’ rugged, long-term durability.

Benefits of Rhino Linings for Marine Applications

– Protects boats and trailer from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt and rust
– Forms an airtight and watertight seal, preventing rust and corrosion
– Will not crack, split, tear or warp like rubber mats or wood floors
– Fully cover wood, metal or fiberglass surfaces
– Increases the resale value of the boat or trailer
– Maintenance free, easy-to-clean; no more waxing, sanding, repainting or tightening of screws
– Helps insulate the vessel from noise and vibration
– Solvent-free material becomes a solid in minutes
– Environmentally friendly and not readily combustible
– Easily accommodates all types and size of marine vessels
– Available in any color

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Rhino Eco-Coat® protective coating quickly and easily solves the problem of rejuvenating aged recreational vehicle and trailer roofs. It costs significantly less than replacing the previous rubber or vehicle roof every few years. Rhino Eco-Coat protective coating contains UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment that forms a long term barrier against water intrusion. It also offers a high reflectivity index.

Benefits of Rhino Eco-Coat® for RV Applications

– 100 percent solid, hybrid Polyurea RV roof restoration system
– Fire retardent system meets UL 790
– Economical solution – less than replacing the previous rubber or existing vehicle roof
– Improves energy efficiency – up to 20 degrees cooler
– Prevents degradation caused by the sun
– Lifetime of superior impact and crack resistance – not easily damaged
– Economical solution – less than replacing the previous rubber or existing vehicle roof