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Industrial Coatings and Commercial Work

Concrete Solutions® products and systems provide long-term, durable and decorative solutions without the need for costly continuous repairs. With more than more than 12 years experience as professional installers of protective concrete coatings and finishes, we believe there is no product better suited or capable of providing decorative concrete and resurfacing solutions for your next indoor or outdoor project.

Garage Floors

Get the same showroom quality flooring you see at dealerships and auto shows in your own garage and/or workshop. Our garage floor systems bond to your floor’s surface to create an impervious barrier that protects from moisture vapor transmission issues, hot tire peel and most household chemicals.


Be the envy of your neighbors. Transform your ordinary concrete driveway or walkway with Concrete Solutions® decorative concrete repair and resurfacing products to create a longer lasting area.

Entryways and Foyers

Create an inviting decorative concrete entryway or foyer using time-tested, durable Concrete Solutions® decorative concrete resurfacing systems. The entryway and foyer resurfacing systems are a unique and decorative alternative to tile, wood, carpet and other flooring options.

Patios Pool Decks

Provide beauty and better traction on your patio or pool deck with Concrete Solutions® decorative concrete resurfacing products. The patio and deck system products serve as a decorative and functional repair or recoloring solution to cracked and stained concrete.

Truck Bed Liners and Accessories

Rhino Linings is the worldwide leader in sprayed-on polyurethane linings for truck beds, trailers, boats, Jeeps® and RV's. Since 1988, Rhino Linings' Tuff Grip® and Hardline® polyurethane products have been providing vehicles with a think layer of protection under the most rugged conditions. The unique flexible and textured surface reduces cargo slippage and will not crack, warp or peel even under the most extreme temperatures.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

With the Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty Program*, the entire North American Rhino retail applicator network is offering consumers a uniform warranty.
  • Nationwide coverage for your truck bed liner
  • Bed liners are warranted to not crack, bubble or peel
  • Coverage lasts as long as you own your truck
  • The warranty includes provisions for customers that may move to a new area and require retail applicator support. The Rhino Linings warranty is only available to the original Rhino Linings purchaser and is not transferable.

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