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Rhino Linings

Ranked #1 by consumers, Rhino Linings® is the leader in sprayed-on polymer linings for trucks, trailers, boats, Jeep®, RV’s vans, and specialized applications such as commercial and industrial equipment. Over 3 million trucks are protected by Rhino Linings.

Why To Choose Rhino Linings

– Rhino Linings protects against rust and corrosion… unlike drop-in liners.

– The Rhino Linings non-porous polyurethane is easy to maintain and clean.

– Rhino Linings is applied in continuous coats and can be sprayed to any thickness.

– Rhino Linings is available in a wide variety of colors to match or compliment your truck, boat or other application.

– Rhino’s non-abrasive and non-skid texture holds your valuable load in place. Textures can be varied from fine to course at the customer’s request.

– Wherever you are in the world, you are guaranteed outstanding service from a local Rhino Linings applicator.

– Rhino Linings will not crack or split from extensive flexing.

– Clear or tinted UV topcoats protect against sun fade and discoloration.

– Rhino Linings is the proven sprayed-on truck bed liner, with the most applications, product usage and largest dealer network in the world.

– Rhino Linings developed the sprayed-on bed liner industry in the US, and have been in business since 1988.

– Rhino Linings research and development keeps our equipment and materials #1 in the sprayed-on liner industry.

– Our Tuff Grip, HardLine and Hi-Chem products are FDA approved for incidental food contact.

– Rhino Linings Tuff Grip is a unique polyurethane that hardens in seconds and permanently bonds with virtually any substrate including steel, rubber, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass or wood.

– Your lining is warranted against defects nationwide at any Rhino Linings dealer.

– Because nothing beats a Rhino, the world’s leading sprayed-on bed liner.