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Trailers & ATVs

Rhino Linings is a world leader in spray-on polyurethane for Trailers, ATV’s, and other recreational vehicles. We have been protecting trailers and recreational vehicles for over 12 years. We specialize in RV roofs, boats, trailer flooring, and other trailer applications. We also have a mobile operation which gives us the ability to travel to your location. We offer multiple Rhino Lining products like TuffGrip™ Hardline, and Eco-Coat to customize any application to your meet your needs (i.e. thickness, color). One of the primary benefits of a Rhino Lining in the recreational vehicle and marine industries is that the Rhino product forms a permanent air/water tight seal to protect against corrosion.

Benefits of Rhino Linings

– Protects trailer from the corrosive effects of animal waste
– Increases the resale value of the trailer or ATV
– Will not crack, split, tear or warp like rubber mats or wood floors
– Maintenance free, easy-to-clean; no more waxing, sanding repainting or tightening of screws
– Help insulate the trailer or ATV from road noise and vibration
– Easily accommodates all types and sizes of trailers
– Forms a cushioned, non-skid surface for both animals and people
– Available in any color

Why Choose Rhino Linings over Rubber Mats?

– Rubber mats allow moisture to collect underneath
– Rubber mats rot and soften from oil, gas, acids, and solvents
– Rubber mats oxidize
– Mats can tear and wear out
– Mats can be difficult to remove and clean; if left too long, they can damage the trailer

For work or play we have your ATV and utility vehicles covered. Rhino® protective coatings offers ultimate protection for just about any area for your all-terrain toys including, Gator™, Bobcat®, Mule™, Ranger®, Raptor®, Grizzly®, Rhino® and more.

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